Springsure and Old Rainworth Fort

Last weekend we spent a lovely day taking hubby’s parents to a local historic site outside the small town of Springsure.

On the way down we stopped to view the Virgin Rock. I can’t see it myself but, apparently, on a good day, from the right viewpoint and at the right time – and possibly if you’ve been smoking your greens – this looks like Madonna and child.


From there we made our way to Old Rainworth Fort. The displays focus on the history of the area, local families, the pioneering lifestyle and the Wills Massacre in 1861 – the largest massacre of white settlers by aborigines in Australia’s history.

Typical of history written by European settlers, there’s no accurate record of the number of aborigines killed in retaliation, but it was probably about 170 – wildly out of proportion to the 19 members of the Wills family killed.

IMG_5895 IMG_5898 IMG_5905 IMG_5908 IMG_5917 IMG_5925 IMG_5928 IMG_5933 IMG_5944 IMG_5947 IMG_5950 IMG_5953 IMG_5959 IMG_5964 IMG_5967 IMG_5971 IMG_5992 IMG_5999 IMG_6003 IMG_6007

You can sit in the grounds and have lunch if you take a picnic with you and they’ll probably offer you a cup of tea or coffee as well. We headed back into Springsure for lunch in the park. It was a cold but pleasant day when the wind died down a bit. Well worth the drive to spend a pleasant couple of hours. My in-laws enjoyed reminiscing about some of the artifacts on display as well.


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