Cruise Control: Sound Advice

Fiordland, South Island, New Zealand

Although today was classed as a port, we don’t actually dock. Scenic cruising takes us though Dusky, Thompson’s and Milford Sounds.

Of course, we know they aren’t actually sounds, but fjords. So, although they all bear the wrong name, the area is known as Fiordland (with that incorrect spelling).

Cruising Milford Sound on our first (yes, yes, still unblogged) trip in a small ship made it seem huge. In this cruise ship it seemed a lot narrower. Not surprising we needed a pilot. The sides seem close enough to touch.

IMG_4718 IMG_4724 IMG_4739 IMG_4743 IMG_4749 IMG_4752 IMG_4760 IMG_4768 IMG_4771 IMG_4782 IMG_4785 P1020895 IMG_4802 IMG_4806 IMG_4809 P1020898 P1020900 P1020901 P102090320150314_12224120150314_122247P1020904 IMG_4813 P1020907 P1020911 IMG_4823 IMG_4846 IMG_4851 IMG_4866 P1020926 P1020932 P1020936

We ended with 3 full days of cruising, including a bit of fun on St Patrick’s Day. To me, the sea days are what cruising is about, rather than the ports. You can only get a taste of a place when you have to be back on board ready for sailing. While it is great to see some new places, we need to go back to explore them more.

Just the excuse were looking for – as if we really need one.

20150314_185104 20150315_072056 20150316_064314 20150316_074429 20150316_074940 20150316_095136 20150317_060441 20150317_062203


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