Cruise Control: Gorging Ourselves

Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand

Dunedin was a favourite destination from our, as yet unblogged, first trip to New Zealand. One of the things on our list for our next visit was the Taieri Gorge Railway, so this was the perfect opportunity.

There is a trip you can book from the ship, but that is about $200 more than booking ourselves through the website. So we booked it ourselves.

For the extra money you get picked up on a train that comes right to the ship and travel in new, air conditioned carriages.

We caught the shuttle into town and had plenty of time to pick up out tickets and enjoy the beautiful station

IMG_4472 IMG_4474before boarding our historic carriage for the trip.

IMG_4482Perhaps the other carriages were more comfortable but we really enjoyed our bit of history for the day, along with great views of the gorge and the surrounding countryside.

IMG_4484 IMG_4496 IMG_4512 IMG_4522 IMG_4524 IMG_4535 IMG_4557 IMG_4568 P1020874 P1020875 P1020873 P1020872 P1020865 P1020863IMG_4577 IMG_4580 IMG_4591 IMG_4608 IMG_4622 IMG_4631 IMG_4633 IMG_4662 IMG_4671 IMG_4679 IMG_4683 IMG_4692 IMG_4709 P1020869 P1020876 P1020877 P1020880


Thanks for travelling with us. We'd love to hear what you think.

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