Cruise Control – Jet Propulsion

Akaroa, South Island, New Zealand

A tender port – the only one on this cruise. The queues were long and we were almost late for our booked trip. Our ship was only able to use one side of the wharf as there was another ship in port using the other.


Whew, got there and paid just in time for our jet boat ride. A wild and fun ride but also an interesting commentary on features around the harbour and some stories and history.

P1020849 P1020852

Having now done a jet boat I don’t think it will be high on my list to do again. Fun, as I said, but there’s other things I’d rather do.


We really love Akaroa. We had spent a day there on our first trip to New Zealand (I really must get around to blogging that trip). It’s a pretty place with both French and English influences still apparent. We were content to walk up and down the town, have lunch in one of the cafes and look at the shops.

IMG_4362 20150312_161837

Our verdict: Lovely, but we much preferred our day trip when there were less people around, although there were more shops open than on our last visit.

A very brief review of a pleasant day. This is another place we intend to come back to.

IMG_4399 IMG_4454 IMG_4415 IMG_4395 IMG_4460


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