Cruise Control – In the Dock

Wellington, North Island, New Zealand

I have to admit that I didn’t go ashore in Wellington. I’m afraid the lack of sleep has caught up with me so I stayed aboard in an attempt to catch up. Dad and I won a round of trivia … finally. It’s a good thing we were only in it for the fun. The prize was a little Princess torch. And, because we were in port and there were so few people still on board and playing trivia, everyone who played that day got a prize.

The others did go ashore and enjoyed themselves … a ride up in the cable car …P1020755 P1020756 P1020757 P1020759 P1020762 P1020765

… a walk back down through the gardens which, to judge from Stu’s photos, are lovely …

P1020766 P1020767 P1020768 P1020773 P1020775 P1020779 P1020781 P1020782 P1020784 P1020787 P1020790 P1020791 P1020793 P1020794 P1020796 P1020797 P1020800 P1020801 P1020803 P1020808 P1020809 P1020810 P1020811 P1020813 P1020814 P1020815 P1020816 P1020817 P1020818 P1020819 P1020820 P1020822 P1020824 P1020825 P1020827 P1020830 P1020831… and some literal street art …

20150311_121319 20150311_121326 20150311_121336… and there was no doubt what this building was for …

20150311_133952I do definitely want to go back to Wellington to visit the Zealandia Sanctuary which we heard about on our first trip in 2012. Speaking of which, I must get around to writing that one up.

Today I lodged a formal complaint with Passenger Services about the noise in the cabin. Whether it was that or whether we just got to the top of the list I don’t know. But while we were at dinner we got notification that we were being moved. You’ve never seen two people pack their bags so fast. And, wow, we got a balcony. Not as swish as the mini suite my sister got, but hey, it’s quiet and that’s all I cared about. We were pretty impressed with having the balcony and, if we do another cruise, might just consider getting one.


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