Some favourite things to see and do in London

Following on from my last post, you might enjoy some of my favourite free and inexpensive things in London. Here is Goannas’ “No Frills London” Travel Guide. There’s heaps of things to add to this list, I know. This is just a taster. Do one, do some, do them all or find your own.


2 thoughts on “Some favourite things to see and do in London

  1. It was very interesting to see your trip advice, goannasnake.

    How does student accommodation work – if one is not a student? I expect they are let for short stays instead of sitting empty while waiting for students to rent? Outside of school terms? Must look into that when we go to London.


  2. Some of the student locations do have out of term accommodation. I think it is more like flats and a bit more expensive. The actual student accommodation that we’ve used is only available outside term time but, if you’re prepared to go pretty basic it can be quite cheap for London. We especially loved being at Bankside in the heart of the Southbank but Drury Lane was also a great central spot.


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