Grandad’s WWII Diary – Introduction

I found this diary on another blog and am now lost for the weekend as I embark on this WWII journey. And one day soon I’ll blog Auntie Thel’s diary and letters from her WWII experiences as a nurse in Greece, Crete and the Middle East. And hopefully Dad’s memoirs – when he lets me.

14 Weeks Worth of Socks

My paternal grandfather, Stuart Leslie Sillars was born at Dalcroy House in Lyttelton, New Zealand in 1915.  He served in North Africa and the Middle East during World War II.  Like many returned servicemen, he never spoke about the war.  All I knew was that he was shot in the leg, returned home to New Zealand, married my Grandmother and went on to have two children, my father and then my aunt.  He passed away in 1996.

The only time he spoke about the war was when my Mum and I went on holiday to Egypt around 20 years ago and he spoke a little of his R’n’R in Alexandria and Cairo.

I knew that he’d kept a diary of his time in the war, my father had stumbled upon it when clearing out my Grandparent’s house following my Gran’s passing.  I’d never seen them and recently I asked to read them.  Was pretty…

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