A World on Our Doorstep

Last weekend we only travelled 40km but experienced many cultures. It was the annual Central Highlands Multicultural Festival. We’d been to the first one but always seemed to be away every other year until this 10th one. It must be the time of year we usually travel.

We arrived early and with a plan. And, just for once, we didn’t stray too far from it. Walking around we checked out the different food stands and their menus and made tentative decisions about what we’d eat, pondering the choices over a gelato each – boysenberry for him and blood orange for me. Off to a good start.

Next stop was the the bar for some international beer and wine. Not too many, though, as we had to drive home. A couple of German beers for him. How could you go past an Erdinger Dunkel, if only for the name? 3 New Zealand whites for me.

All the while there was different entertainment going on around us. On the stage and on the ground. Dances and music from many cultures and countries.

Time for some food. First stop … Korean, which neither of us had eaten before. Kimchi, Bulgogi and rice. We’ll be having that again. Delicious. Then the Thai stall for some spring rolls and curry puffs. Nothing we hadn’t had before but still very good. And I dredged up my limited Thai vocabulary to say “Hello” and “Thank you”. Always gets a smile when you make the effort. It’s worth the effort to get the smile.

Dessert was Koeksisters from the South Africans. I somehow expected them to be more like a doughnut texture but they  weren’t. Which isn’t to say they weren’t delicious. Just glad we only ordered one serve between us. Yum, but very sweet.

IMG_0503 IMG_0507 IMG_0511 IMG_0556 IMG_0615




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