Travel: Sometimes it’s not all about the fun

Last week I flew down to Brisbane and headed up to the Sunshine Coast to spend the week with Dad. Sounds like a lovely way to spend a week, doesn’t it? But it was a sad mission. It was Dad’s 88th birthday and the first he would spend without Mum, his wife of almost 54 years. So we went to lunch and spent some time together.

Then I spent 3 days working. My work is great and enables me to work down there when I need to. They will probably never realise how much this helps. I don’t have to take leave but can still be closer to my family.

So, a sad start to the week, but at least I could be there.

Then, the day before I flew home was our daughter’s baby shower. This is the great grandchild that Mum so longed for but will never hold. We celebrated with a Survivor themed afternoon of challenges, laughter and fun.

So, a happy ending to the week with family and friends (known and unknown). Imagine the gross food challenge. No hands. Eating worms in dirt. Just pretend they weren’t gummy worms and the dirt wasn’t made from smashed up Oreos, OK!

Oh, and the friends who are being kept apart by their babies!




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